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Welcome to Four Elements Photography.

I've always had an interest in photography but really started to take it a little more seriously around ten years ago when digital cameras started to widely appear. In the years since I've probably taken tens of thousands of images, many long-since consigned to the recycle bin, but there have been one or two 'keepers' along the way. This has finally led me here, a website to share some of my images and dabble a tentative toe into the field of semi-commercial photography.

Why Four Elements? My photography centres around my interests which fit fairly neatly into the Air/Earth/Fire/Water categories. I started my career in aviation and this has been an enduring passion so there's a wealth of choice from my archive for the 'Air' gallery. 'Earth' features images from some of my travels both in the UK and abroad and includes natural and man-made vistas as well as landscapes. 'Fire' includes sunrises, sunsets and maybe even an afterburner or two. Finally 'Water' and after photography my other major hobby is scuba diving, so as well as seascapes and rivers there are some of my photos from underwater too.

I hope you enjoy browsing the various galleries and welcome any comments or feedback. If you feel inclined to order a print or two then even better and many thanks in advance. I'll endeavour to keep a blog reasonably up to date and will regularly update the galleries so it's always worth checking back every now and again.