Blog en-us (C) ( Mon, 02 Feb 2015 21:02:00 GMT Mon, 02 Feb 2015 21:02:00 GMT Blog 120 81 Into 2015.. Somewhat belatedly, I'm catching up with my previous good intentions of keeping the blog up to date.

Since the last update in October, I've done an evening photoshoot with the Lightning Preservation Group based at Bruntingthorpe, both planted and then picked poppies at the Tower of London, done an evening photoshoot with Vulcan XM655 at Wellesbourne, done a macro day at Stratford Upon Avon's Butterfly farm and mixed in trips to Wales (Mach Loop) and Cornwall. Considering winter is supposed to be a quiet time for photography it's been pretty busy!! You may have seen the results of some of these trips in images posted on the Facebook page ( and hopefully over the next week or two the images on here will have a refresh and update. On the subject of the Facebook page, we are now up to 7800+ pages likes, which I'm really pleased about and the images, on the whole, seem to get generally positive feedback.

As Spring approaches there are already a few events in the diary, kicking off this coming weekend with a night shoot in Central London with a couple of vintage buses from the Brooklands London Bus Museum. This will be something a bit different and will hopefully result in some good shots. I've also started looking at the various shows for this years Airshow calendar as dates are announced.

As always, comments, critique and feedback are always welcome.

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October 2014 Well, having promised to keep a blog reasonably up to date in my first entry, I promptly forgot all about it, so this is my attempt at catching up.

Since launching the website at the tail end of August I've been catching up with and refining the content of the galleries. Some of these tasks will be noticeable, some are in the background and less easy to spot. I'm still aware that the content is quite heavily biased towards my Aviation images and I'll be trying to balance this over the forthcoming months.

Photographically it has been relatively quiet lately. The Airshow season is all but over for 2014 but I do have a couple of events coming up shortly that should present some good opportunities for images. The 'Just Jane' Lancaster bomber evening photo-shoot at East Kirkby was a highlight, as was a quick one day visit to the Peak District and Crosby Beach. I should be updating the galleries with a few images from these events shortly.

Over on the Facebook page ( )  we are now up to 2,500 page likes, which I'm really pleased with. I tend to post images on there initially as a toe in the water to gauge their popularity and then migrate them back to the main body of the website if they seem to garner enough interest. The Lancaster pictures seem to be particularly well received so a few of these will be appearing as I refine the editing.

As alway, comments, feedback and critique are welcomed.

Thanks for looking.


Lancaster 'Just Jane' evening engine runsLancaster 'Just Jane' evening engine runsLancaster "just Jane' carrying out night engine runs at it's East Kirkby base.

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My first blog Well, if you are reading this it means this site has finally gone live and I'm promoting it publically. Hopefully you'll have had a look through the four main galleries and like what you've found.

It's been a while in the making. I pre-ordered the domain late in 2013 when I saw a TV advert for new domain extensions including 'dot' photography. It was then necessary to find something to stick in front of the dot, not as easy as it sounds when you start trying to think of something original, descriptive and concise. I finally settled on 'Four Elements' which I feel pretty well encompasses all my interests photographically  and the groups are generic enough to cover most subject matter.

The site itself is being hosted by a company called Zenfolio, one of the many photo-hosting sites now touting their wares on the web. I had a look at a few and this seemed to fit the bill for what I wanted my site to do. One Christmas present of a website voucher: sorted.

And then since Christmas....well it all kind of stalled a bit. The new domain extensions were only on pre-order initially and didn't actually go live until late March and then tying the domain into the Zenfolio site proved a little problematic. Eventually though, all the loose ends got tidied up, I decided on a logo and finally started to actually load some content.

The Zenfolio site offers a myriad of templates and options, it's infinitely configurable with pretty much everything modifiable reasonably quickly and easily viewable so you can track your changes as you build the site. The downside of all these options though is that trying to apply some consistency, even across just a few pages is quite a task (this is my get-out clause if anyone spots some bugs in the system..)

As far as the site itself goes, I wanted to create something that was quite 'clean' in appearance and not too in your face. My intention is for this site to be a bit of a showcase for some of my favourite images and not to become too cluttered. I'm not going to fill it up with holiday snaps and thousands of images just for the sake of loading them like a Facebook album. Hopefully you, my visitors, will like some of the images on show here. There is a 'Buy' option but obviously no obligation to do so. I've decided (for now) to watermark my images with my logo, hopefully you won't find these too distracting and the logo wouldn't appear in a printed copy. If there's a ground swell of opinion against watermarking I might remove this in the future, I'd be interested in any hearing any comments.

I'd appreciate any feedback on the site in general that you might care to give, through the contact page. If you spot any errors or bugs please let me know. Also, if you've seen an image, maybe on my Facebook page, and think it should be on here or that you'd like a print of, again, please drop me a message. I'll endeavour to keep the blog page updated, probably once a month or so. I'll also be regularly adding images both new and from my archive, so it'll be worth checking in every now and again. I'll also be updating @4elementsphoto on Twitter and the 'Four Elements Photography' page on Facebook.

Thanks for looking,


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